Excessive water use

Broken sprinkler

Do you have sprinklers like this?
If your answer is no then great but if you answered yes then you could be heading for excess water bill.
This example is easy to see due to the poor quality grass which is not being helped by the extra water but lots of times they are not so obvious due to good grass cover which most lawns have. After all that is why you installed the automatic irrigation system in the first place.
This is not to bad I here you say compared to ……? Lets assume it is a liter per minute being conservative, the sprinkler runs for 25 minutes 25Lt 3 times a week 75Lts 50 weeks a year 3750lts or 3.7 kiloliters. Still not to bad you say. An average yard may have 20-25 sprinklers and if all the sprinklers leaked at the same rate then that would add up to 93750Lts or 93.75 Kiloliters.See the difference?
We all know the chances of all the sprinklers leaking at the same time is slim but we also know that 1Lt per minute is not much and that it cold be as high as 20LTs per minute and this a lot. You can help avoid this situation with regular checks, you can do this yourself or get an irrigation specialist in to do it for you. It is good to a quick check yourself for reassurance.
Checking your system is not that hard and will only take you about 10-15 minutes if all goes well. It is best to use the electronic controller and run each section at a time while walking around looking at each sprinkler checking for correct operation, indications of leaking around the base, correct or even spray patten and head rotation for different types of sprinklers or nozzles. Other things to look out for are excessive wet spots or dry dead spots as these usually indicate something is wrong.
While you are checking the system it is a good idea to mark the problem sprinklers or spots if any, and jot down a rough description of the problem as well for later reference. This will help you or the irrigation specialist when it comes to fixing them without having to do the whole process again. The irrigation specialist may want to run the system anyway to check for other issues and test to make sure all is working correctly.
Are you doing your bit to save your water bill. If this seams a bit to much the rather than let it continue contact an Irrigation specialist today and get them fixed.

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