Current list of equipment available as follows:-

Our equipment hire includes Vermeer mini loader (Track) with attachments and operator

  • 4 in 1 bucket ideal for digging, shifting and grabbing soil, deco, sand, mulch, rubbish etc;
  • Soil leveler, attach via bucket quick and easy to attach excellent for that final finish;
  • Post hole augers 200mm 450mm, quick for digging post holes and footings;
  • Trencher 150mm wide max depth 600mm, Makes short work of those irrigation trenches;
  • Pallet forks;
  • Under road/path borer 80mm hole 6m long, Excellent for getting pipes under paths driveways;
  • Turf roller, For rolling those big areas of turf and deco;
  • On Trailer (not all attachments carried all the time).

Rate $77.00 /hour Incl GST with operator, allow for travel time (charged at same rate) when estimating cost of job.