How to plan your irrigation system

Customized irrigation design

Water wise irrigation design

Planning you irrigation system install is critical to have a long term hassle free irrigation system that saves you money and water. If you follow these steps then you will have the best yard on the street.

  • You will need to know how much water you have available and at what pressure. (Refer to the bottom of the page)
  • Get a professionally designed irrigation system that will water your yard will saving you water.
  • This design will include sprinklers matched and placed correctly to distribute water evenly over your yard to minimize the wet and dry spots.
  • All the sprinklers should be at even spaces so they water each other (Manufactures specification)
  • Ask for Water wise sprinklers and controllers as these are more efficient and flexible.
  • Use Licensed instigation contractors, don’t just take there word for it ask for id.
  •  Warranty and Guarantees ask what they are.
  • Testimonials

Follow these tips and you well have a great irrigation system that will last you for years and have the best looking yard in the street.

Remember that if this all seems a bit overwhelming then give us a call  on 0418777003


How do I determine the Flow Rate?

To determine how many sprinklers, sprays or drippers you may use on your system, you will need to do a flow test:-

This simple bucket test can be measured by timing in seconds how long it takes to fill a 9 litre household bucket. Testing should be done at the times when you plan to run your irrigation system (ie 6am). Ensure all other taps are turned off, turn the test tap on full, and then time how long it takes to fill the container.

Once you know your flow rate and your measurements contact us for a quote to supply and/or install.

Formula = Container size (Litres) divided by time to fill (Seconds) multiplied by 60 = Litres per Minute.