Winter Lawn irrigation

The weather is now a bit cooler and to keep your lawn looking and feeling great here is few hints and tips to watch out for.

As the days are getting shorter several things are happening, the lawn growth is slowing down and water consumption is reducing. While the reduced growth will help with the mower it also means that any problem areas take a longer time to repair and detract from the appeal of your garden. Reduced water consumption means less watering which is a great time saver if you still do it with the old sprinkler and hose, but adjusting your automatic irrigation systems run times is often overlooked as it just waters (set and forget). Now excessive watering can be very harm full to lawns and plants as well as hitting you in the hip pocket and costing you Dollars $$$.

Excessive watering can lead to waterlogging which can upset the soil life, create soil imbalance and eventually kill your plants and lawn if not kept in check and can cost you three times, once for the new plants, second for soil treatment and third for excess water charge, now that is a worry. This risk can be largely reduced by monitoring and controlling when and how much water is applied through making some minor adjustments.

Automatic irrigation controllers are a good way to control the water we apply to our plants and lawn but you do need to monitor them, check and adjust them from time to time as the seasons change. When your irrigation system was installed the contractor would have left you an instruction manual on how to use the controller and make adjustments, you may need this booklet to assist you. If you are unable to locate this booklet then you may want to search the internet as the next option or call a technician. Remember well-adjusted sprinklers set to the right timing keep your lawn and plant healthy and happy while saving you time water and money $$$.

While you are in the garden checking the irrigation it would also be a good idea to check the soil moisture and plant health to ensure all is well and that your plants are still healthy. A good way to check or monitor soil wetness is to gather a handful of soil and close your hand and then release it, if it stays together and doesn’t break apart then maybe it is too wet, if it crumbles with but feels moist then it could be just right. Another way is to look for lots of worms on the top of the soil, worms won’t live in soil that is to wet so if there are lots living on the surface then maybe it is too wet and reducing the amount of water being applied will be good.

An Irrigation system that is regularly checked adjusted and timing set for optimum operation and water efficiency will save you time, water and money $$$

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