Quality Lawn - Lawn Buffalo

Buffalo Lawn

Benefits of good quality lawn:-

  • Increases property market value;
  • Provides a pleasant area for family to play and entertain;
  • Helps eliminate dust and dirt;
  • Promotes calmness and wellbeing;
  • Carbon neutral: absorbs carbon and emits oxygen;
  • Controls soil erosion;
  • and… it looks fantastic

Additional benefits of ‘instant’ Buffalo Lawn by Plant-Em:-

  • 90% pure clean turf;
  • Professional finish every time, guaranteed;
  • We use organic combination fertilizer to promote quality growth;
  • Strong root structure which promotes faster establishment, durability and water conservation;
  • Lawn is aged over 9 months so it’s seasoned to be tough;
  • Low maintenance and low water consumption;
  • Durable, tough and hard-wearing;
  • Plant-Em offers a weekend delivery/laying service for your convenience.