Now is a good time to applying either, Lime, Dolomite or Gypsum depending on you PH and soil test.

These products in their natural state are either stone or silt containing a form of Calcium which is also one of the six major elements required for healthy lawn and plant growth.

Lime comes from Limestone and is Calcium Carbonate with little or low Magnesium.

Dolomite comes from dolomite limestone and a source of Magnesium Oxide for soil low in both

Gypsum is a natural occurring product found or deposited in sedimentary rock in the form of hydrated calcium sulfate.  

Which product to use?

  • As a general rule Lime or Dolomite for low PH soils and Gypsum for soils with good PH range and low in Calcium.
  • Gypsum is recommended to be used on tight soils particularly soils high in Sodium with waterlogging, poor water penetration and crusting. The calcium from gypsum displaces the sodium which can then be leached deeper into the soil

How much do you apply?

  •   For an accurate assessment a soil test is recommended and is easy to do.
  • From experience on our farm and as general rule I would suggest approximately 1kg per 2 sqm of area.

How can you apply it?

  •   Weigh an amount into a bucket and measure and mark the area that this amount will cover at the recommended rate.
  • All of these products are fine and very dusty so be aware of the wind, you don’t want it going all through the house.
  • Gently spread the required amount over the marked area try and spread it as even as possible
  • If no Rain in sight hose into lawn to stop it spreading.

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