Garden Irrigation is one area that choice can make a big difference. For most people the obvious choice is a micro spray system, other choices are sprinklers or drip irrigation systems.

Micro spray irrigation is the most common irrigation use in residential gardens, most likely due to the low cost to install and it is easy to do. Its number one draw back is high cost to maintain, theĀ ants love them and the nozzles get blocked easily.

Sprinklers are great and with relatively low maintenance but hard to meet some of the shapes, use a reasonable amount of water and adds to the overall size and cost of the system.

The last choice is drip Irrigation and can be made to suite all sizes and shapes of gardens, highly water efficient, relatively low maintenance, long lasting. It is a bit more expensive than the others but worth considering.Gallery-Garden-Plants-Irrigation

As an Irrigation specialist part of our work is repairing irrigation systems. Apart from the usual sprinkler and busted pipe repairs, we do quite a lot of maintenance on the micro spray systems, mostly nozzle cleans or replacement. Micro sprays may be cheap to install but are very high on maintenance.

We first install drip irrigation in our garden over 10 years ago. The reason is, we have our own water supply/pump and late in the year water gets scarce and needed to make every drop count. 10 years later we did our first repair is from the plants getting to big and busting the line other than that it has been hassle free to the point I have taken the micro sprays of the Citrus trees and convert them to drip now as they were a pain.

When planning your garden irrigation consider which one of these you would like to go with Low cost, high maintenance system or higher investment with lower maintenance system. Still not sure give us Plant-Em Turf and Irrigation a call on 0418777003


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