Do you have a new lawn? A new lawn has many benefits, it’s healthy, it keeps the dust and dirt around your home under control, and it’s cool and comfortable under-foot, not to mention it adds value to your property investment. Here are some simple steps you need to do to give your newly installed lawn the best chance of success.

New lawn care involves three main components: water, mowing and traffic.

3 Components

Regular Watering

New lawns should be watered 4 times through the day 6.00am to 8.00 pm during the first two weeks after installing to help the roots get established. Never let your new lawn dry out. Keep the new lawn moist, but do not over water your new lawn to the point where it results in puddles of water are forming in your lawn. Use a knife or screwdriver pushed into the soil to measure water penetration to 50mm deep. Once your new lawn is two weeks old or it is unable to be pull it up easily, you can reduce watering to two or three times per week. For best results water early in the morning or late in the afternoon to minimise evaporation of the water before it can penetrate into the soil. Try not to walk on the freshly watered lawn otherwise you could damage the grass and leave indentations in the moist soil.

After 14 days, we suggest that you start to reduce the frequency of watering. Less frequent, but deeper watering is recommended for a healthy lawn. Some grass types only need a good watering once a week.

Considered installing an automatic irrigation system? This is an excellent idea and this is a great time to do it as it will manage your watering for you, saving you time and keeping your new lawn looking great, takes all the work away.


Your new lawn’s first mow can happen around 2 to 3 weeks after laying. This allows your new lawn to established a good root system, before it undergoes the trauma of a mower blade. It’s best to ensure your lawn is dry and the soil firm before mowing; that your mower blades are sharp and remember to never mow your new lawn too short especially on the first mow.

Minimise Traffic

By minimising the amount of traffic on your newly installed lawn during the first two weeks of establishment will assist in the root system establishing itself and not destroy all the preparation work. You don’t have to keep ALL the traffic off of your new lawn, but keeping traffic to a minimum will protect it from being damaged or pulled out and keep it looking great.

Fertilise your lawn

First it was…  “Darl, can you water the lawn?”  Then it was…  “Darl, the lawn needs mowing!”

But this weekend belongs to ME.  JUST ME. Well me, the beer and the football.  (I’m good at sharing). I’ve fired up the big screen and the North Queensland Cowboys are playing the Broncos.  Ahh…the serenity.

Bill’s lawn looks sooo much nicer than ours.

Oh Fair Dinkum!

How come his lawn is all lush and green?  Ours is just fine, weedy and pale.”

Dunno” I shrug, turning up the volume.

I don’t know why you can’t get our lawn to look like that.  It’s not rocket science!

She grabs the remote.  Now that’s like waving a red flag at a bull.  Grrr…

Howdy, fine neighbour.

If it isn’t Townsville’s Lawn Guru himself, King of the Turf and all that.  He’s cheerily poking his head over my fence.  And did I see him wink at Melissa?  (Where’s a water pistol when you need one?)

Well actually”, he continues, “there is a bit of science to a beautiful lawn like mine.

‘Beautiful lawn like yours…. you anal retentive…’  I mutter, under my breath.  He continues unabated…

You know how a good relationship needs good chemistry…

Again, was that a wink?  Why I oughta.

…and so does your lawn.  A good lawn needs nutrients to grow well.

But I’ve been watering it all the time, shouldn’t that be enough?

Actually”, he says, “you will need to water LESS if you fertilise regularly.

LESS WORK…now he’s got my attention.

Yes”, he continues. “Fertiliser will promote new leaf and root growth. 
And better ground coverage means less evaporation from exposed soil.

and our lawn will be greener?

That’s right, more green for less water. 
And while the grass is growing it’s converting more Co2 to 02.
That’s cleaner air for you and the family.

Bill has the nicest lawn in Townsville.” Melissa smiles sweetly at Bill. Grr…

And green healthy lawns are really calming…

I’ll give you calm.

We got our house valued the other day,”continues Bill.

Woohoo, maybe he’s moving…

The agent said our ‘beautiful green lawn’ really enhanced the value of our property.

I’ve got the number of a good removalist” I say, helpfully.

But you’re so helpful Bill, you can’t move!” cries Melissa

Shut up Melissa

Nah, I was just curious” says Bill
Besides I couldn’t abandon the best neighbours in Townsville when they need me.


You can have Bill around to your house, well, not actually Bill, but the team from Plant-em would be happy to give you some advice on getting and keeping great looking lawns… signup to the left to get our free ebook, or phone us for a quote.

Fertilise your lawn

Scene: It’s a quiet morning in a sleepy Townsville suburb.  The birds are chirping.  What a lovely morning to kick back and relax

Darl, the lawn needs mowing.
(Five words you DON’T want to hear)
Not Now!!!
But it’s really long.”
Not NOW!!!”
Aren’t you embarrassed?  The neighbours have all done theirs.”
Good for them.”
If you do it now, it’ll be cooler.  Besides, if you do it now…we’ll have time for….. other things later.” *Wink*
Now that’s something you DO want to hear.
She’s got me now.  I’m cornered.
I go to the shed and drag out the old rotary mower.Lawn mowing
I start it up…Vroom!
Love that roar. Hate this job.
I put the blades down as far as they go.
Ha!  Take that, lawn!
I figure if I cut it really short, then I won’t have to cut it again for ages…
Smart thinking, right?!
Huh?  Where did HE come from?  And how did he read my mind?
It’s Bill, The Lawn Guru.
What do you mean…wrong?”  I ask, annoyed
If you mow it that low, you’ll scalp it
Yep, that’s the idea, genius.
If you mow the lawn too low, particularly here in Townsville, you’ll burn it.
You’ll also give the weeds room to grow.
And why are you mowing NOW?  There’s still dew on the grass.  Wet grass will stick to the blades and make your mowing really uneven.
I tried to tell her, didn’t I?!
You really should have a mulching mower… it’s better for your lawn and it’ll save you all those trips emptying the catcher.
I like the sound of that.
Of course, if you want a really good finish, you could use a cylinder/drum mower.  They’re great for couch lawns, like yours.  But…
But what?
You need to mow twice as often with one of those.  But it’s worth it, that’s what the professionals use, you know.”
Twice a week.  Stuff that.
Well those edges won’t need doing for a while, at least.  I doused ‘em with weed killer last weekend.
Huh?  He’s doing that freaky mind reading thing again.
Now he’s frowning at my edges.
Well, they would look much nicer if you used a mechanical garden edger instead of chemicals.”
Sounds like the missus
You could have a square or a round edge.  And you wouldn’t have such wide furrows either.  That’s better for erosion problems.  But…
For best results, you really should do the edging every time you mow.
Sure thing, O Great Lawn Guru” I say, sarcastically.
I know he’s right, but I’m stuffed if I’ll admit it.
Although…it would be fun to make the neighbours jealous…
All right Bill….Maybe I’ll try it your way.

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Water conservation is of the utmost importance to all of us. Plant-Em utilizes the latest technology and the finest irrigation products from Rainbird, Hunter and Poly pipe industries.

At Plant-Em we are able to help customers conserve water by precise timing and system design that eliminates any over watering. We will custom design a lawn sprinkler system to your unique location and conditions. The end result is a beautiful green and healthy landscape.

Whether you are interested in a new lawn sprinkler system or service for your existing system, we analyse the short and long-term needs of the landscape constantly with an eye toward safeguarding your investment and protecting its design integrity. We pay attention to details and offer complete prompt and courteous customer care.

What are the benefits of an irrigation system?

It saves your time! – You do not have to spend countless hours working in your yard to achieve a beautiful landscape. Your lawn and garden can be what your neighbours have always wanted with a professionally installed automatic sprinkler system. Better yet, you don’t even have to be there. Your role after you have a system is to allow it to do the work. So put away your garden hose and forget setting your watch, let us do your watering for you! Your grass will be healthier, your plants more fruitful, and most importantly you will have much more free time to enjoy the scenery.

Irrigation is an Investment – A professionally installed automatic sprinkler system is a great investment for any homeowner. There is no easier or more cost-effective way to beautify your home, and boost its value. As well, our desire is to place exactly the right amount of water on specific areas of your lawn and garden, and to ensure that water is not wasted. You don’t have this option with a regular garden sprinkler so you tend to leave it going longer to get those hard to hit areas. This can add up over a few seasons on your water bill. Now you can put a stop to that and start your savings.

Offers Peace of Mind – Let’s face it, summer is a time were we all like to get out, enjoy the sun, and perhaps even take a nice vacation. We’ll with an automatic sprinkler system taking care of your property; you no longer have to worry. You can go away and have confidence that you are going to return to healthy green grass, and lively vegetation. As well if the weather is rainy or there is a lot of precipitation, our systems are all installed with a sensor that deactivates the sprinklers when water isn’t needed. What more can you ask for?

There is more to a sprinkler system than just sprinkler heads however. Design and installation are critical factors that will affect the way your system performs and how long it will last. This is why it is important to have a professional design and install the right system for your particular landscape. You can count on us to do the job right the first time.