1. Outdoor electronic irrigation controllersĀ  are very susceptible to water and are not repairable, when you check that the system is off close and lock the door securely this will help it stay dry.
  2. Turning of your irrigation system when it starts to rain and by monitor itĀ  your will save water and your plants, if you have installed a rain sensor it will do it for you.
  3. Check that the rain sensor if installed is mounted securely, the irrigation controller is set to active and is working correctly.
  4. If you have an above ground pump/s to supply your irrigation system then it is a good idea to turn them of and remove if possible or place them above any possible water line, cover up (remember to uncover when wind eases of), unplug and remove any temporary leads to guard against possible electric shock.
  5. Please stay safe.

Greening the Future

William Crabb

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