Is the drought taking hold in your garden and not sure what to do?

What can you do to save your garden in this hot dry time? With the continuation of the dry and now joining the state wide drought it is time to look after your gardens plant so they survive. With little to no rain to help re-leave the situation your plant are struggling for survival. You can help them by focusing on how to make the best use of the water you have available to save your garden and get it through this drought. As you the plants and shrubs are the most expensive single item to replace and will take the longest to recover it is important to give them the best care possible and set them up for survival at the moment as we don’t exactly know when the drought will break.

What can do to save your garden and keep it looking good? Here is my recommendation to save your garden plants.

Garden with mulch applied

Garden with mulch applied

  • Sacrifice your lawn by cut the water to it, this will come back as soon as we get rain it may not come back as good but with management it can be improved relatively cheaply.
  • Hand water your plants, shrubs and trees well to wet the root zone, to improve the water penetration add a soil wetter at the same time, 3 to 5 minutes per plant depending on size should be good.
  • Mulch your gardens with a good healthy covering of mulch 100 to 150mm (4 – 6 inches) to do two things keep the soil cooler and prevent evaporation.
  • Hand water weekly at the base of the plant to allow the water to spreed out under the mulch for about 2 to 3 minutes.

By doing these steps it will help you save water and your garden at the same time while giving you the peace of mind that you are helping to do your bit in these dry times. For further assistance and advice please contact Plant-Em Turf and Irrigation Ph 0418777003


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