20131123_173829Welcome to 2014 and may this find you in good health and trust you are you enjoying the lazy days which the rain has brought and thinking ahead in to the year and considering what garden or yard improvement you will be doing this year?

When it comes to your projects the biggest mistake that people make is not planning and doing it on an impulse as I have done it as well.

Hey let’s fix the fence! So I go down the shed and get all the tools and get setup. Then go to the hardware store only to find that they haven’t got all the materials needed. So after a few words of wisdom I try another store for the rest of the items needed. I finally have all the items I need and head back home meanwhile a few hours later and a few extra items I get back just in time to take the kids to sport or something else. A few more hours go by it get dark so you pack it up and say to yourself well that was fun.

Who can relate to this?  I think we all can.

Why not spend a little bit of time planning to try and avoid this and get more done.

A couple of question you might ask yourself with this process:

What do I want it to look like this time next year and how am I going to get it there?

Just like planning a trip there are thing that can be done in advance to get you to the finished product with less hassle time and save you money along the way.

 Have I got the skills to do this or do I need to get a Professional?

Using a true professional usually comes with a guarantee and warranty, this might be worth considering.

 When would you like to have this done by?

Set a date and then break it down to a list and work out what has to be done first, second, third and so on through the list.

You have your list and time frame now who is going to do it?

Go through the list and select what you will be doing and what you want to get a Professional to. 

You now have a game plan to achieve that garden or yard makeover.

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