Gallery-Lawn-Sprinklers3Has your irrigation system got what it takes to cope with this extended dry and keep your lawns and gardens healthy? If you think it has then here are a few tips to help you through.

Keeping your irrigation system working will save you money for several reason.

  • Regularly running the system help prevent premature failure.
  • Keeps the valves opening and closing keeps them flexible and helps stop them from sticking shut.
  • Helps prevent dry joints in the electronics side as they are prone to failure if they are not kept working.
  • Regular use helps keep the soil moist, and moist soil means less  movement and less stress on the pipes and fittings.
  • Less soil movement helps keep your home stable which helps ward of cracking, saving you thousands in repairs to your house.

Regularly using your irrigation system is a great preventative, we all know the old saying “if you don’t use you will loose it” and the same is true for your irrigation system. Turn it on, fix it if needed, keep it running and it will save you thousands in the long run. This just like when we buy a car, we know it needs to be maintained to keep it running and safe to drive and yet we expect an irrigation system to just keep going year after year and not have to maintain it.

Are you doing what is needed so your irrigation system will meet the challenge of the extended dry and keep you lawn and gardens healthy.

For help and advise with your irrigation system call the irrigation specialists Plant-Em Turf and Irrigation on 0418777003.






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